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Maggie Langrick is the founding publisher at Wonderwell, which publishes nonfiction books that help, heal and inspire. She is also the host of the Selfish Gift Podcast, where she interviews authors and prolific creators about what it takes to put their life’s work out there in a big, bold way.

Maggie is the author of the forthcoming book You Need to Write a Book: How to Write a Life-Changing Nonfiction Book – Even if You Aren’t Sure if You Can, or Should (Wonderwell, April 2023). She is a Board Director at the Independent Book Publishers Association. For her work as a book editor she has been shortlisted for Canada’s Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence.

In her teens and early twenties, Maggie was an award-winning film and television actress, starring in films such as My American Cousin and Harry and the Hendersons. She still can’t resist playing the room for laughs whenever she gets the chance. Maggie lives in Los Angeles.


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Maggie Langrick
Maggie Langrick
Maggie Langrick