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Here’s what I’m like as a public speaker

You can get a sense of my onstage and on-camera vibe by watching this little compilation video right here on the left! If you’re curious to see the full version of the talk I’m giving here, just click the button below, give me your deets, and I’ll send you a link to watch the whole thing in all its glory. There’s lots of video on my Instagram, too.


Benevolent Selfishness: the Key to Finding Your Gift

Your desire to serve is at the heart of your life’s purpose… and it may also be making you miserable. Most of us have been taught that self-sacrifice is our highest virtue. But when our generosity is disconnected from our own desires, it can backfire and we become lost on our life path.

  • Learn why your greatest gifts to the world are all inherently selfish — by design!
  • Free yourself from resentment and obligation while giving (to the right people and causes!) from an inexhaustible supply.
  • Start enjoying your life right now by acknowledging and activating your soul’s true calling.

Time to Go Public with your purpose

It’s time to Go Public; to put your gift out into the world through publishing, broadcasting, and speaking. This will challenge you in ways you’re probably afraid to contemplate, but it holds the key to the personal and professional breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. This deep and energizing keynote will raise the roof on your event and inspire your audience to stop hiding, to expand their potential and bring their very best to their families, companies, and communities.

  • Discover how to identify and accentuate your unique essence and message.
  • Find the courage to stand in the light, unapologetically yourself.
  • Walk out ready to take action and uplevel your life.


How to write a life-changing book

If you really want to touch readers’ hearts and minds — and accelerate your career — it’s not enough just to write a book, you have to write a truly distinctive book that meets a specific need in a way that no other book can. Most authors need professional help crafting a book concept with strong consumer appeal.

There’s nothing I love more than working closely with individuals and small groups to bring their book idea to its highest potential.

Invite me to design a customized workshop for your group, or apply to join the Big Leap book planning program and VIP retreat.

  • Learn the difference between self-publishing, hybrid publishing and traditional publishing, and which is best for you
  • Transform your general idea or story into a sharp, distinctive must-read that can transform people’s lives — including your own
  • Get one-on-one coaching from award-winning publishing professionals
  • Develop a complete action plan to write and publish your book
  • Get inspired, informed, and equipped to write your book this year


Need a special public speaker for your special people? I love nothing more than helping mission-driven individuals and organizations to get their message out into the world and can craft a program expressly for you.

I’m also a camera-ready and spirited guest available for podcasts and media interviews. Get on my calendar and let’s discuss your needs.

“Your presentation was so engaging and informative, and the students had wonderful questions. They didn’t want to let you leave!”
Georgina Levitt, NYU Summer Publishing Institute

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