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Uplifting humanity through purposeful publishing

Here’s what I’m like as a public speaker

You can get a sense of my onstage and on-camera vibe by watching this little compilation video right here on the left! If you’re curious to see the full version of the talk I’m giving here, just click the button below, give me your deets, and I’ll send you a link to watch the whole thing in all its glory.


Time to Go Public with your purpose

It’s time to Go Public. To put your gift out into the world where humanity can benefit from the uniqueness that is you.

This will challenge you in ways you’re probably afraid to contemplate, but it holds the key to the personal and professional breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

This deep and energizing talk will raise the roof on your event and inspire your audience to stop hiding, to expand their potential and bring their very best to their families, companies, and communities.

You have a gift, and you know it. You’ve been practicing it and sharing it for years – likely in a small and personal way.

  • Discover why your brightest light can be found in your own shadow, and how to free it and let it shine.
  • Find the courage to bring your life’s purpose into the world through publishing, broadcasting, and speaking.
  • Walk out ready to take action and uplevel your life.


Publishing for impact and profit

Maggie leads interactive workshops and seminars for trade associations, corporate teams, and networking groups.

Educate your members on how they can leverage their professional expertise and personal stories to raise their profile with clients and customers, and develop powerful thought leadership brands through publishing a book.

  • Learn the difference between self-publishing, hybrid publishing and traditional publishing
  • Understand how book distribution works, and who it works for
  • Determine which publishing path is best for you
  • Discover how to turn your story or methodology into a book that can change people’s lives — including your own
  • Develop a complete action plan to write and publish your book


Need a special public speaker for your special people? I love nothing more than helping mission-driven individuals and organizations to get their message out into the world and can craft a program expressly for you.

I’m also a camera-ready and spirited guest available for podcasts and media interviews. Get on my calendar and let’s discuss your needs.

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