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Write a World Changing Manifesto

How to Write a World-Changing Manifesto

When I sit down to work with a new author, I always ask them about their goals for their book, and invariably I get a version of the same answer: They want to make a difference in people’s lives. Very often, they want to change the way people think, elevate a conversation, and bring new understanding to a vexing problem.
In Defense of Real Books Mission Statement Manifesto

In Defense of Real Books

I was recently asked that question: “What is a real book?” There are some established standards that a real book should meet. Above all, a real book provides something substantial, new, and consequential that makes a lasting impact on its readers.

Big dreams begin with baby steps

When your dreams are huge (as the best dreams are), it can be hard to clearly see the path you need to follow to reach them. Baby steps will get you up the mountain – as long as you keep taking them.